Where’s Suzie?

Craving dessert?  Keep your eye out for Big Suzie’s Little Bakery, the newest and sweetest food truck to hit the streets of Buffalo!  On board Big Suzie’s Little Bakery you’ll find homemade desserts that taste like they just came out of Grandma’s kitchen…only better.  (Don’t worry we won’t tell Grandma.)

Made with high-quality ingredients and love, most of Suzie’s desserts are big enough to share, unless you really love dessert then you might want one all to yourself.

When Suzie is not out in her food truck, you can find her in her commercial kitchen making custom, made to order cakes, pies and other baked goods for special occasions.  That’s right…Suzie takes special occasion orders for her desserts so you can have them made just for you!

So if it’s chocolate cake, carrot cake, pie, brownies or cookies you’re craving, check out our calendar and find out where Big Suzie’s Little Bakery is headed next.  If you need a birthday cake, a wedding cake or homemade treats for your next party, contact us to place a custom order.

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Meet Suzie

So who is cooking up all these delicious desserts?  Suzie of course!  That’s right, there really is a Suzie behind Big Suzie’s Little Bakery and she’s been serving up her delicious creations for over 10 years.

It all started years ago when Suzie was living in New York City.  She was living on meager means but still wanted to find something special to give her friends for the holidays.   A simple box of dog-eared index cards held the answer.  That box held secrets of her youth, the family recipes passed on from her mother, whom she had spent countless days baking with as a child.  Within a few days, she had baked dozens and dozens of cookies.  Her friends now look forward to them as an annual holiday tradition.

After getting the baking bug that fateful winter in Manhattan, she began expanding her range by making birthday cakes for friends.  There was a time when you had to know Suzie to get your hands on her desserts!  One thing led to another and during breaks from her day job in the fashion industry, she began to hone her skills with local Wilton cake decorating courses.

A few years later, Suzie’s family made a move to Washington.  This move derailed her fashion career and got her thinking about what was next!

That was when she came across an annual convention for cake decorators taking place just hours from her new home.  Suzie jumped in the car and headed right for the convention and thank goodness she did, because that short trip changed her life!

Inspired by all she learned, Suzie wanted to further her knowledge of the industry and began taking classes at the Wilton School of Confectionary Art in Chicago.  She traveled back and forth from Washington to Chicago, taking Masters level courses in cake decorating and chocolate artistry.  Armed with expert level knowledge of baking cakes, cookies and other desserts, she was ready to take things to the next level.

In 2005, her family had the opportunity to move back East and they jumped at the chance to get back.  Thinking about where she would work after the move, she decided there was no better boss than herself!

So in 2005, she took her box of secret family recipes and headed into a professional kitchen to bring her delicious desserts to the public opening her first business; Suzie’s Mixing Bowl, a bakery in Easton, Pennsylvania. She made custom cakes and desserts for the tri state area; New York, New Jersey and Pennsylvania.

Within in a year and a half of opening she won an award for Best Cakes in the Lehigh Valley.   For the first time you didn’t have to be friends with Suzie to enjoy her desserts but  to this day her friends still count on a tin of Suzie’s famous cookies at the holidays!

In 2009, Suzie’s family moved out of Easton, so she closed up shop and took her baking on the road; all the while knowing at some point she would own another bakery.

As they often do, for those who leave the area, things have come full circle for Suzie.  After moving back home to Buffalo where she was born and raised in 2012 and realizing she wouldn’t be moving again Big Suzie’s Little Bakery was born.  Along with bringing her unique style to the Buffalo scene her goal is to create goodies that bring back childhood memories of your mother or grandmother and the “comfy feelings” of sitting in their kitchen, helping bake something special or licking the beaters.  Suzie couldn’t be more excited to be back home and hopes to be a part of the growing renaissance of Buffalo.

Today you’ll find Suzie zipping around Buffalo in her bakery on wheels hitting all the hot spots and sharing her homemade treats with dessert lovers everywhere!

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